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Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
and talk about industrial redeployment in europe. let's look at mobility in our cities and create trams that we can build in europe and then export as airbus builds and exports aircraft. now, you've said that we have to be clear. you've said that we have to be determined, and i would also say we have to be responsible. but we also need imagination. otherwise we're just going round in circles and doing nothing new. if we tried to create the world of tomorrow with yesterday's ideas, then it's not going to work. the ideas of yesterday have created the contradictions that we see in front of us today. so we need new ideas for the world of tomorrow. you talked about the c.a.p., for example. now, let's not ignore the truth. we've got the french rebate, the u.k. rebate, that's part of the c.a.p.. but you talked about the c.a.p. today, and can you talked only about the food and agriculture or industry. does the c.a.p. have to serve all european farmers and not the minority in the agrifood industry? 80% of c.a.p. money goes to 20% of farmers. well, that's not solidarity for me. france, the u.k.,
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
of cities that were under the radar, building on some of the internal polling that we did, really honing our 50 state strategy and having all the states in training our volunteers and giving us something to do to empower them in an offer that it president norman hasn't done. all of those things started pretty quickly after the president won his first election, and we build off about. >> when were you having to sort of build this? >> i showed up in april on a full-time basis, and we really started, and this was at david's insistence, we started very early april, may doing some very intensive research to try to get a handle on what people were thinking out there. this was before the debt ceiling stuff, but we knew that people were we of the economy. and it was a weary electorate. we really wanted to sort of see how we fit in, see how they were following what was going on on the other side. so by the time the debt ceiling it, we had a pretty good sense of the landscape and what, sort of what our way was to kind of move. the dead sea was really a moment at which we were kind of galvanized the so
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2